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Chapter 998: Twilight City (16)

“Hmph! Shen Yanxiao is honestly not a good person.

So vicious at such a young age,” Elder Wen angrily said.

Geng Di struck while the iron was hot.

“Alas, such a cancer has appeared in the Forsaken Land.

I wonder if in the future…”

Elder Wen said, “Naturally, I cannot allow such a vile character to have a smooth journey.

Since everyone here is a city lord of the Forsaken Land, I cannot allow such a person to disrupt the order of the Forsaken Land.

It seems like I have been too polite with her! If I had known earlier, I would not have sent her an invitation for the banquet tonight.”

Elder Wen felt that he was wrong to even have sent Shen Yanxiao an invitation.

He should not allow a vile character like Shen Yanxiao to pollute this place.

“Elder Wen is wise!” Geng Di laughed wildly in his heart.

This was basically tying Twilight City to his side.

He shot a glance at the Twilight Citys rightful city lord, Duan Hen.

From the start of the banquet until now, this young man had not said a single word.

If not for the fact that he sat on the main seat of the table, he would have probably forgotten about him.


Twilight City had always been under the control of the Elders Council.

When Duan Wuya was around, Twilight City still had a certain degree of autonomy.

Now that the 15-year-old Duan Hen had inherited the city, Twilight City had become the property of the Elders Council, with the City Lord becoming a puppet of theirs.

While they were happily chatting, a guard ran in in a panic.

“Elder… Elder…” The guard fell to his knees, sweating profusely.

He had a frightened expression on his face, and he could not even speak clearly.

Elder Wen frowned.

“Why are you so flustered Dont break the rules in front of our esteemed guests.”

The guard gulped and pointed outside the gate while trembling.

“The… City Lord of Sun Never Sets… Shen Yanxiao… is here…”

Elder Wen relaxed his brows and leaned against the chair with a sneer.

“So shes here, why are you still standing there Just bring her in.”

The guard said with a bitter expression, “But… but she said she wanted to see the City Lord…”

“Shouldnt she come in if she wishes to see the City Lord” Elder Wen was very unhappy.

His impression of Shen Yanxiao was at its worst.

Before the guard could answer, the entire mansion suddenly shook violently.

The crystal cups on the table fell to the ground with a crisp cracking sound.

Elder Wen nearly fell to the ground from the shock.

“What exactly is going on!”

“Elder, please go outside and take a look,” the guard said with a bitter expression.

The mansion was shaking non-stop, and all the delicacies on the table fell to the ground.

Elder Wens complexion turned green and he suddenly stood up.

“Id like to see what trouble Shen Yanxiao has caused again.

This is not her Sun Never Sets; she cannot be this unbridled!”

After speaking, Elder Wen dashed out.

Geng Di and Luo Fan looked at each other and naturally followed him out.

Long Fei and Long Xueyao followed them out, fearing that Shen Yanxiao would suffer.

Duan Hen was the only one left in the shaking hall.

After everyone left, he raised his head and stared at someones back with hatred in his pitch-black eyes.

Outside the City Lords Mansion, flames surged to the skies, causing the pitch-black night sky to be illuminated.

All the citizens who lived near the City Lords Mansion gathered outside the mansion and looked up at the two massive beasts on the roof!

Elder Wen and the rest finally walked out.

They looked up and gasped!

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