Get Your Workspace Clean and Organised to Increase Productivity and 3 More Benefits

Productivity is a critical factor for creating a successful work environment – no matter the industry you are in. Did you know that regularly throwing your discarded stuff in an outdoor rubbish bin and keeping the work space clean helps increase productivity? A clean office environment, workshop, shop, or outdoor yard helps employees feel organised and motivated.

Since you are obviously looking to increase productivity, it makes sense to start with your immediate environment. Best of all, cleaning your work space also brings you three more benefits that you should not overlook.

Increased employee safety and health

Absenteeism due to illnesses is a huge killer of work productivity. While some illnesses are unavoidable, maintaining an organised and clean work space area helps stop the spread of germs that can lead to office-wide sickness.

Increase employee safety by putting up a soft plastic recycling poster that offers clear guidance on recyclable materials to be put into what bin. Doing this helps improve the safety of the workers handling your bins since they know what materials are in each. Overall, healthy employees are the happiest, most productive employees you can ask for – thanks to keeping their environment clean.

Helps increase focus

A messy desk or work environment is very distraction to you and your employees, taking your mind off the critical work at hand. A desktop wheelie bin can help keep these distractions at bay as it provides a quick place for non-essential waste items on your desk. Eventually, the distractions of mess disappear, and you and your employees can focus on getting work done instead of on the disorganized work environment.

Aids in reducing stress levels

Before, during, and after work, you already have enough things you should be focused on, and the last thing you need is a dirty work space getting on your nerves. If you did not know, an unkempt, dirty, and messy work space is a common trigger for office-related stress.

In addition, your employees feel overwhelmed and distracted by a dirty, crowded office environment, adding more stress to an already stressful life. Fortunately, an outdoor rubbish bin is the perfect tool for keeping items off your desk and out of sight. Once dirt and clutter are out of the way, your employees surfer less stress.

How to get started

Threats to employee safety and health, lack of focus, and high stress levels are all easy ways to killing work space productivity. Simple items like a mini wheelie bin and other bin solutions can help keep your office clean and organised, alleviating these problems. Simply start by organizing your desk and moving on to the floor to achieve a constructive environment.

Take the first step towards creating a productive work space by getting a bin from Ecobin. If the outdoor rubbish bin is too large for you, the bins come in a variety of style options and sizes to fit your individual needs. These bins also help you diver unnecessary waste from being sent to a landfill and make it easier to sort your waste to fulfill your business’ greening commitment.

Rafael Ang
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